Tasks of health management

Health management in general promotes the operational infrastructure that permits work to be organised on a healthy basis. That is, health management includes all actors and topics that influence staff from the occupational point of view.

Health management includes the different measures and legal obligations of employers concerning the topics of "staying and becoming healthy", such as occupational safety compliance, maintaining an occupational health and safety service, operational reintegration management, addiction services and much more.

Voluntary services for health promotion and prevention are also included, such as all advisory and service offers that relieve private and professional stress and therefore support the ability to work. Just as in the field of personnel development, the value Kiel University places on its staff is clearly visible here.

Our health management works closely with the appropriate institutes at Kiel University. Together, needs for action are identified and changes made. For example, we are currently working with our colleagues on a new work agreement concerning addition as well as developing a health management work agreement in order to anchor it firmly in Kiel University.