health tips

A clear head at work

Look after yourself!

Did you:


  • Got some fresh air today?

Letting some fresh air in is good for the indoor atmosphere, reduces the number of viruses in the air and clears your head. Open the windows three to four times a day and enjoy the fresh Kiel breeze.

  • Spoken honestly today?

Be clear and honest with yourself about what makes you feel stressed. Talk about your worries and tackle them head on.

  • Got some exercise today?

Movement creates a balance. Carefully stretch your neck, rotate your shoulders or pop outside for a few minutes during your break.

  • Laughed out loud today?

When we laugh, it affects our body and soul. Laughing can reduce stress, relax us and even release endorphins, making us feel happy.

  • Relaxed today?

Sit comfortably, relax your muscles, take several deep breaths in and out, slowly. Concentrate on your breathing. Then start thinking about what you were working on again.

  • Drunk enough today?

Every day, our bodies need at least 1.5 litres of water to prevent tiredness, problems concentrating, headaches and reduced productivity. Make sure you drink enough!

here you can find the health tips as postcard-download (PDF).

Look after yourself!

Looking after yourself means living for the moment. Enjoy the little things and take good care of yourself. You are important - to Kiel University as well.

Best wishes!