personnel development in general

Personnel development is frequently associated with the plans of individual staff members to achieve qualifications with the aim of being promoted.

But personnel development can do more. We want to make that clear.

In general, personnel development is defined as follows:

  • "The goal [of personnel development] is the qualification of people on the basis of individual needs as well as the needs of the organisation.
  • Personnel education, personnel support and organisational development (in the sense of structuring of work) are closely coordinated.
  • This is used to derive suitable measures and strategies." (Definition according to Becker, 2005)


Measures and instruments in personnel development include, for example:

  • Further and continued education - both professional and personal
  • Training and trainee programmes
  • Coaching - individual, teams, peers
  • Mentoring / supervision / advice (by colleagues)
  • Moderation and mediation
  • Analysis of potential / 360° feedback
  • Job enlargement / job enrichment / job rotation
  • Relocation / promotion
  • Target agreements / performance reviews / assessments

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